We are Sekurcorp

Our Success Is Due To Our Disciplined And Proactive Approach To Generate Growth

About Us

We search and invest in companies that are leaders in their market, entrepreneurial, focused on profitability, and have a favorable long-term potential.


Our Vision

SekurCorp has for objective to become a leader & major global player in the security industry. Our industry focus will be specific to the defensive ‘equipment for security’ and ‘security as a services’ industry.

By offering excellence in products and services to all its business units, SekurCorp wants to help secure and protect the environment, places and the people that live in them.

Our Mission

With passion, respect, and integrity, SekurCorp is dedicated to the development of modern security services and equipment.

SekurCorp will consider a broad range of opportunities to develop & to achieve its vision and position as a leading private operator in the private security industry.

Core Values

Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, excellence in quality, courage and optimism. Our 6 values are represented by the 6 stars that are found in our different company logos.

Our strategy

We maximize value by

Optimizing working capital, divesting non-core assets and establishing clear growth path for each of our companies.

We increase productivity by

Being fully integrated in the administrations and operations of the company and by Investing the necessary capital and resources to develop our companies.

We invest in the best talent available. Constantly innovating to optimize the operations of each company.

We generate growth and value through

Constantly search for Strategic acquisitions generating synergies and looking to make Strategic alliances with industry leaders.

Become the best in each niche market that we are invested in.

By developing niche Product and marketing leadership.

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